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Your Airline is now Personal


PAX is building a proprietary, data driven system that allows you to decide exactly what your charter flight should be, including the price. Everything is possible, from short notice “must fly” trips, to a shared flight experience with reduced costs. Our systems streamline the quoting and buying process by introducing innovative products for charter, making travel on private business aircraft more accessible to a larger audience.

The key elements of our service are:

    • Users are able to decide exactly what each flight will consist of with flexibility in all travel variables, allowing customers to create a customer tailored PERSONAL experience.

    • The system introduces new products that broaden the appeal of charter to more travelers and grants them access to their own private AIRLINE.

    • Our Cost Optimization Engine allows buyers and sellers to EXCHANGE charter by negotiating price in real-time.

PAX is the platform for everyone: there are no membership fees, no prepaid requirements, and no upfront purchases of aircraft shares.

The idea for PAX began when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) considered a rule change that affected on-demand charter flights. The change allowed the sale of on-demand charter flights on a per-seat basis. The new rules were meant to help address the drop in airline service to many smaller communities. Research by NASA on a new model, called the Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS), found that airline travel slowed down dramatically when measured as door to door travel times. The reduction in airports used by the airlines, the requirement to use connecting flights for many trips, and increased time at the airport to clear TSA security lead to travel times that were equal or only slightly better than driving for trips of 500 miles or less.
DayJet was founded based on the SATS research. Investing in real-time scheduling systems and a brand new micro-jet from Eclipse Aviation, DayJet started in the Southeast US. DayJet set a goal of passenger cost per mile of $1 to $3. The business proposition was that trips that were driven (due to poor airline service) could be made into a “day trip” by using DayJet flights. DayJet started flight service in 2007 and operated until the “financial nuclear freeze” of 2008 prevented them from raising capital to continue operations. However, DayJet did prove that there is a market for per-seat, on-demand charter service, and many of their customers were new to charter. Some of the founders of DayJet are on PAX’s team. PAX is the right solution to bring transparency and efficiency to the charter market.